Adults at Work:
Mastering Egos and Emotions
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Deep Change: How Individuals and Organizations Transform

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Deep Change: How Individuals and Organizations Transform  --  Half Day
East Lansing, Michigan
Brody Square
Michigan State University   
Tuesday, September 23, 2014   
Time:  8 am to 12:30  pm  
Includes: Interactive workshop experience, breakfast, lunch, refreshments, parking                
Cost: $99.00

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What you will take away from this workshop:
1. How to avoid the one major mistake made by leaders in organizations (which is why 50% of all change initiatives fail)
2. How to be an effective change leader in any organization or relationship.
3. Assess your organization’s current readiness for change.
4. Assess your own readiness for change.
5. How to know when it’s time for you to change.
6. How to navigate through the territory of uncertainty.
7.  How to turn conflict to collaboration for change.
8.  How to wake up the "walking dead" in your organization (Those who have retired on the job, given up, don’t care)
9. How to empower yourself for change, and help others empower themselves.
10. Clarify steps you can take, with others, to create positive change.


Bring "Deep Change" in-house or to your conference.
Customized to fit your participants. Formats vary from one to seven hours, and group size may vary from five to five hundred. Whether your group is small or large; whether your time frame is one hour or seven. Adults at Work is an interactive and transforming experience that can be customized to fit your needs.

Adults at Work is customized to your needs. You will be given a menu of objectives from which to choose. Choose them yourself, or we'll survey your participants (via Survey Monkey) to determine what they want. The number of objectives to select depends on the time frame you choose.

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